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Hobby Keeps you Happy

Issuing commemorative stamps to a great person is a gesture to praise the memory of the leader. Really it is a great thing to get such appreciation. The leader should have such a good respect among the country men. Generally other countries never issue stamps and coins in memory of a great person of other country. This type of gesture may be followed by the friendly nations of the person belongs to. But issuing coins and stamps on Gandhiji was done in many countries around the world to praise the great person Gandhiji.

He was the tutor of Ahimsa, non violence, equality, truth and fraternity. These are all the ideals should be followed by the whole world; particularly the younger generation. Following the ideals of Gandhiji, the world will become peace in all its ages.

It is my humble and simple attempt to make this portal for the use of one and all about the teachings of Gandhiji and his crystal clear life. The ideals of Gandhiji should be known to the coming generation and it a chance for the noble cause and an atmosphere has been created by starting this site. The teachers and parents should inculcate the ideals of Gandhiji among the children. By this way, the present and future generation will get a peaceful life.

I want to say one other thing also. If one has hobby in his life, the happy will be ever lasting. By following a good hobby, wrong doing or evil things will not reach the kids. So every parent should make their kid to have a hobby as their wish. It may be a coin collection, stamp collection or playing games, If the kids have any good hobby, you have no need to supervise or monitor the kids ever. Finally my humble request to you all is - make anything as your hobby that will enlighten your knowledge and make way a good friendship.